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She did get better eating at daycare but mostly waited until I picked her up to nurse. Somehow, I did manage to wean her at just over 2 yrs...

I'm on a 100% child-led weaning schedule. The benefit of nursing DS3 is I now have learned from him that my milk is, by his account, better than any of: chocolate, ice cream, or meat (his favorite food group).

This is an oldie but a goodie: when DS was maybe 8 or 9 months old, my parents were visiting us from out of town. Amid the hubbub, DS decided that he needed some peace, so he shouted out, "Mama, nurse! Boob! OUT!" The laughter that ensued was enough to cement that particular phrasing as his choice nursing request for a few months.
And this is why, in our house, all the vocabulary used for nursing is not in English. At least only our bilingual friends (in that language) have to hear about it!
Understandable. I'm a lactivist, so I actively promote talking about nursing and nursing openly, even if the language is conspicuous. I want DS to know that there's no shame in breastfeeding any more than there is in drinking a glass of water or asking for a hug. I'm on a mission to de-sexualize and de-objectify breasts! smile

Me 4-years-ago would probably not be so enthusiastic or shameless.

/exit soapbox smile
Well, I have to admit that, though our intent was to be somewhat discreet, the actual result of this, after 10 years and counting of cumulative nursing, is that there are people now who know only those few words in that language...since nursing on demand doesn't mean disappearing into another room in our house, it was pretty easy to learn those words...

...pronounced like the long vowel and first letter of the alphabet...