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The "scary movie" known as Cars. The moment when Lightning McQueen wakes up on the highway and can't find Mack. And many, many years later, we still haven't gotten past the opening scene of Finding Nemo.

For us, this is the scene in a particular Teletubbies short in which one Tubby is being chased by the other tubbies (for refusing to share the some item of clothing or something, as I recall). We had to fast-forward through it when DD was tiny-- her distress was pretty extreme.

(And no, in my defense, we did NOT actually encourage our 13-18mo DD to watch a lot of television... until she was virtually immobilized for two months by an RSV-penumonia one-two-punch, that is... at THAT point, Teletubbies were fair game as a means of keeping her quiet and resting.)

I was curious-- I looked it up after asking DD about it-- she still remembered it well.

(Recall-- this is my 15yo DD, and this was WELL before 9.11.01-- about a year prior, in fact)

Even then, my DD hated the idea of others forcing their will upon someone else and found it intolerable. Wow. This is still one of the few things that really rouses her to overtly aggressive/agitated behavior; stripping another person of agency/rights/autonomy. I hadn't ever thought of it in those terms, but this has apparently been a thread that stretches back to even THEN. shocked

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