DD has identified THIS* as "the anthem of the child that I was."

(You know, now that she's all growed up.) wink

it's a frankly kind of terrifying mashup of Tom Waits' "God's Away" and Cookie Monster.

She also informed me today with some disdain that she doesn't care for how Bartok plays the Six Romanian Folk Dances. She likes A. Schiff's or H. Grimaud's interpretations better.

When I replied with horror that "You do know that Bartok is the COMPOSER, right? I think that he knows how it is supposed to go," she sniffed and said;

"Well, OF COURSE he's the composer. I'm sure it's fine-- but he's still not playing it the way that I like it. Schiff sounds better, that's all."

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.