This is quirky and outside the box, but it is not behavior that makes one remark "Oh, what an intelligent child!"

DD2 can get herself a cup of water, but then instead of simply drinking it from the cup, she tips it on the floor and then crouches down on all fours and slurps it off the floor.

We almost never eat out, but at a family-tolerant buffet recently she was more civilized. There she poured her cup of water on, and slurped it off, the table instead of the floor.

Recently at home she got a loaf of bread off the table and put it on the floor and repeatedly jumped and sat on it until it was as flat as a pancake, and then crouched down on all fours and bit away at it with her mouth (no hands) like a cat or dog. (We have no cat or dog at home that could have served as a model for this feeding behavior.)

Has anyone observed this kind of behavior in their child.

BTW DD2 appears fairly intelligent, knows her letters and numbers etc., but has a lot of hilarious though crazy behavior.

ETA: Here's another one. If you're sitting on the couch, DD2 will stand on the couch, then yell "TIMBAAAA!" and, standing straight with hands by sides, will crash down onto you like a felled tree.

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