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She reminds me of my husband, the lawyer. Whether that's a reason to celebrate or mourn, a nice glass of wine or a hot bath is in order either way.

If that's the case then, your in-laws have my sympathies. How did they survive his teen years?

They are probably delighted to have a grandchild who doesn't interrogate them at every opportunity.

They took the approach of virtually ignoring all their children and are doing the same with their grandson. FIL has commented that DH had effectively raised himself, which DH says is true.

Here's one of my own...

DS to DH: I need to watch toy trucks playing in a green turtle sandbox. [On YouTube.]

DH: Buddy, that's not going to be easy to find.

DS (insistently and slightly menacingly): Yes, it is. [DS then passes DH the iPad.]

What is to give light must endure burning.