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A sampling of my dd10's pandora channels. She just doesnt even bother talking or listening to music with her friends.

DD9 loves music of most kinds. She tries to listen in a little bit to popular music so she at least knows what the other kids are talking about but really it's not her thing. She said at her counseling session last time that something that makes her really angry is songs that don't make sense. She said that they start out sounding good with good music and then they start singing the lyrics and one verse doesn't make sense to the next and it just ruins the whole song for her. I never knew that it was bad enough that it made her truly that mad. Oversenitivities kicking in I guess.

I guess it's my fault...LOL. When she was little and went everywhere with me I was on a Josh Groban kick and anytime we got in the car it was "Mommy I want to listen to Josh." She could pick out one if his songs anywhere and she was only about 2 or 3 at the time. She even tried to sing along with the Italian and Spanish songs as well.


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