Oh brother this is intense. My husband, (big genius), went to Walmart and then picked up the girl, (little genius), from school. While at Walmart they had got a new shipment of flowers and with it came a tarantula! NO JOKE. So the hubby decides to bring it home for the girl to study. The girl, who is afraid of all bugs and other creepy crawlies, lets dad borrow her Star Wars tadpole/frog terrarium we haven't used yet to house the tarantula temporarily. And she is helping him research it to find out what kind of tarantula it is. I told them just to keep the thing away from me. I don't even want to accidentally see it.

On top of that we have two dogs, a fish, and triops in the house. Outside the house we have a creek full of fish, groundhogs, rabbits, and armadillo, a beaver, and a skunk that wanders around every few weeks to stink the area up. And believe it or not I live smack dab in the middle of town. My daughter has a field day every day...LOL


"Imperfections in our journey were what made it perfect."-Ewan McGregor