I have one that is a bit related...

DD14, in looking at the newspaper headline, in which the NCLB report card from the past year was reported... (You know, the year in which apparently some 40% of high school juniors can't write a coherent essay well enough to PASS the test, and that's really saying something, given what evidently constitutes a "passing" performance):

"Whoa.... do you hear that WHISTLING noise??


It's-- it's-- it's our state's literacy rate, hitting terminal velocity!!"

She reads:
"Nancy Golden, Oregon's interim chief education officer who was superintendent of Springfield schools until June, said years of flat or diminished school funding took a toll. Districts clipped days off the school year, cut teaching positions and delayed buying new teaching materials.

"When you take furlough days, significant amounts of them, and bigger class sizes, that can definitely have an impact on learning," she said.

Oregon schools chief Rob Saxton said the broad decline in passing rates may primarily reflect that students took state tests fewer times, not that schools taught them less. "

And then snarkily adds;

"Well, I'm sure that investing in iPads will fix those problems. Let's hope that the state administrators acquire better grammar and usage, too. I'm not sure we can really do much about the inability to distinguish fantasy and reality, unfortunately." smirk

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.