Doubtful guest -- I agree the stories do make me smile!

Here's one I'll share about DD2, upon receiving a new puzzle this weekend. Definitely made me smile:

DD2: It's really cool.
(Looks it over for a minute.)
DD2: I can't wait to show Grandma.
Me: Why's that?
DD2: She'll say, (super high voice), "Oh you precious child! What a gorgeous new puzzle you have! Can we do it together?"

DD2, continuing: And when baby Livvy comes to play she'll say, "Puzzz-le? Ooo!" And when Dada comes home, he'll say, (deep voice) "Did you get a new puzzle today?"

She's done these impressions a few times before, but this was the first time she'd strung them together. DS6 used to do this. He'd give such accurate imitations of his friends when retelling stories about their time together. One of those things that I remember made me go, "Hmmm..." smile