I guess I would tend to be in favor of some form of an audit, a fresh set of eyes, transparency.
But the details of the audit process and procedure would sway my vote Yay or Nay.

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They could also provide lists of who has had leadership positions in clubs.
I'm aware of a few ways in which high schools, both public and private/independent, have been less than truthful in painting a rosy picture of their chosen golden child(ren)... generally offspring of large donors.

Example 1: Due to drug infraction, child could not participate in competitive sports, but despite non-athlete status was given team leadership role. Coach claimed all students on team voted on slips of paper, but vote was tallied in private and totals for each student were not shared.

Example 2: Child enrolled in 2nd year of a world language, actually attended 3rd year classes in the world language, received award in national competition for 2nd year students in that world language.

Example 3: "Mentor" acknowledged one child's original idea. Rather than support that child as promised, shared the idea with a different child and supported that 2nd child to receive a scholarship, using 1st child's original idea.

Example 4: Grading practices to create illusion of equal outcomes despite vastly different performance levels.

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Economics professor Tyler Cowen has a good column about it at Bloomberg.
I agree, this article is well worth reading. smile