If your school uses the naviance program you can get some idea, though there is still a lot of guesswork involved. The program produces (among lots of other questionably meaningful data) scattergram graphs, where you can see data for all the kids from your school who have applied to the specific college you are researching. I believe it is limited to SAT, ACT and GPA, the data covers the previous 5-6 years, and it tells you whether the applicant was accepted, waitlisted, rejected, and whether they eventually matriculated. Of course its limited to what data students provide (at least in our district, perhaps there are districts where the counselors provide the data, but I dont know.)

Being in a not-enormous school district, we found it to be relatively easy to make educated guesses about the data points (and could sometimes even tell which specific kid was represented). For us, it was pretty obvious when a kid was admitted as a recruited athlete- the data points were clearly outliers, significantly outside the cluster of points where most admitted kids fell. Just another dose of reality for those going through the process.