I've always had that sense, too, Mana.

I seem to have a kid who is kind of superhuman, though. She would have been incredibly intimidating to me as a peer, that's for sure. I don't think I ever knew anyone this bright when I was a student-- and I was one of the smart kids. She just lacks full-time global drive and killer instincts in a competitive sense.

I'm getting that same sense of disquiet (but more intense) that I got just before she entered high school-- she looks to be building expectations for college which are similar in flavor. "This will be different-- finally, I'll learn at a faster pace! More interesting things! Challenging things that exercise my brain! Other people who are as smart as I am! Finally!!"

I'm frustrated by the situation for the same reasons that MadeinUK noted earlier-- shouldn't there be a few places that are still capable of meeting those expectations?? Places which are about substance; neither false rigor, head-patting and awards-for-all, nor pretentious baloney and naked avarice??

DD is so hungry for real intellectual engagement. It just makes me sad to consider that it may never happen for her. However, I do appreciate the insights, even if they aren't what I'd like to hear.

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.