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And I guess I don't understand why most kids here wouldn't take these courses - I always thought that the typical HS day includes five "core" subjects - Math, English, Social Studies/History, Science w/Lab & Foreign Language. What are the kids taking in place of these core classes?

Two or three Maths and two or three sciences plus English. Speaking from a Canadian perspective, in some STEM fields, having taken all of the sciences and maths puts you at an advantage for competitive programs, so students are forced to trim out other disciplines quite early. It's unfortunate.


My DD will graduate with FIVE years of English (two in AP), four of math (one AP), four of social studies/history, two of foreign language, three of science (w/ lab-- at least nominally-- and one AP), and honestly, when you tack on all of the little fluff classes that are "requirements" for graduation, there isn't a lot of room for anything else.

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