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{wince} That's pretty telling, isn't it?? I can't decide whether the correct response there is:

a. Don't worry-- since you've asked, I predict that you're fully immune.

b. Sure there is-- get over yourself. Early and often. You're welcome.

c. No, not really. The real question is-- why would you WANT to? Being an entitled sh*t is awesome!
The author himself is pretty narrow-minded, so students should not be seeking his absolution:
In the affluent suburbs and well-heeled urban enclaves where this game is principally played, it is not about whether you go to an elite school. Itís about which one you go to. It is Penn versus Tufts, not Penn versus Penn State. It doesnít matter that a bright young person can go to Ohio State, become a doctor, settle in Dayton, and make a very good living. Such an outcome is simply too horrible to contemplate.
What's wrong with being a doctor in Dayton? I think the author is projecting his own preferences onto others. I think my middle son, given his interests, may become an engineer. Penn State and many other state schools could be a good place for him.