I come from Canada. It was all about grades, though they are changing that now. The extracurriculars were not that strong, though it was a big school. Football was big. The clubs are not strong, like at a school like Harvard. It was basically going to school, football on Sat. I played some tennis, some squash, but I don't remember there was a strong outside school life, except for parties. Debate is strong at U of Toronto. Although my undergrad school has the top business school in Canada, it doesn't get close to the donations that Harvard gets for research, new build, endowments. Johns Hopkins got lucky with Bloomberg's almost 2 billion donation. But they don't often get that. When you can build a state of the art engineering school because some alumni donates 500 million, it goes a long way in the type of education you can provide. And they seem to have a lot of people who come out there that later have the ability to donate 9 figures. Jeff Bezos comes from Princeton, Gates, Harvard, Zuckerberg, Harvard. Not only the gifts of over 100 million, but there are so many in the 10s of millions. That buys top professors, equipment, scholarships. That is the big thing when you look at the lists of top universities. Why the Chinese schools are rising. Research dollars. Even some in the middle east, research dollars. Canada is slipping because of it. The UK schools are slipping.