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One thing which separates a college education from any other consumer purchase (save medical) is that you can't "do it different next time" if you regret that purchase.

This is true of most life choices.

You can never unmake your decisions.

ITA. and as with all life choices, you learn and we most often do have second chances... I know quite a few people who found ut during their first two years of college that they weren't where they wanted to be for many different reasons (everything from homesick to too hard to too easy to bad cafeteria food -but most often because they changed their mind about what they wanted to study), and they switched to different schools. They have all been successful. I switched my major at least three times and it all turned out ok. I think it's very difficult for anyone at the age most kids typically enter college to know exactly who they are and where they want to go for sure in life - they are typically still growing and learning and finding themselve - so as difficult and stressful as it is to go through the decision of where can my child attend college, where can we affords etc..l I think its important to be accepting of the possibility that it might not be the only choie or only chance. I think its reasonable to put limits on what we as parents can contribute toward our children's education, but I wouldn't want to send my child off to school with them thinking they can't change their minds if it doesn't work out.


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