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SAT already cancels scores quite liberally if they think it's statistically rare to have a certain improvement in scores. In my dd's testing, 3 in the room got 800 in math. Scores were delayed pending an investigation. They didn't say why they were investigating, just informed dd that due to irregularities (not sure that's the word), and investigation had been initiated and if determined legit, scores would come.

Kids talked to each other and figured it out afterward. Good thing they were sitting no where near each other. They were worried it was about the proctor getting up and looking in the hallway briefly -- but apparently it wasn't that. However, dd knows plenty of kids who were cancelled due to too much improvement--- they can take it again for free to verify higher scores.

With this aggressive policing, I'm really surprised the scandal happened at all.

From what I read, the surrogate test taker was just that good! He could basically dial a score in to the highest possible score that wouldn’t raise any red flags based the child’s on prior scores

This is why I think that Bostonian’s suggestion ought to be implemented. I am sure that surrogate test taking occurs more often than we know.

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