HK, I realize that your daughter is young, but it might be a plus for her application if she makes the call to the school and asks the questions. You might want to be standing there to hear the conversation, but I think that schools like to see students take the initiative.

I know it is tough - we had to convince our eldest to call college coaches herself - but I think it pays off. My middle kid (10th grade) now has her travel coach asking her to contact coaches prior to showcase tournaments. She is a lot less outgoing than my eldest, so it will be even tougher for her. However, it has forced her to do some college research and it is good practice for future college interviews.

Also, you had mentioned some schools in other posts. I recall you mentioned RPI. That would be a good school to check out. It is a strong engineering/sciences school and they really want girls. The student body is about 70 percent male. They kept after my eldest well past the application deadline. Of course, they didn't realize that engineering/hard sciences would come in dead last on her list of potential majors, but she enjoyed the attention from RPI and some other engineering schools.