There are bright pinpricks shining in that dark wasteland, to be sure... but only if your kid is lucky enough to encounter stubborn old goats with tenure who still know that there is a RIGHT way to do higher ed... and then there's the administrator's way...or is nearly 100% autodidactic and not that concerned about interaction with classmates as peers... if unlucky, though, they will be surrounded by the same mediocre and kinda slow classmates and instructional hand-holding that they've spent high school with. WHY BOTHER?

HK, I think you may be seeing things a bit too darkly IMO (I totally get that this is driven by frustration and I sympathize).

There's still a big middle ground between a poorly-run college run by bean counting administrators and whatever the top is.

Also, I fear that you may be giving more credit to the Ivy League than is due to it. A lot of top-tier admits are there because they were prepped. Why should they suddenly transform from being Achievement machines into lifelong learners just because they entered the magical gates of College X?

You were really excited about a local undergrad college not too long ago. What happened?

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