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As an example from recent news of a student who may have graduated without gaining the knowledge and insight that the populace might expect from one holding such credentials ...
Criticizing particular politicians will divert this thread from the topic of Ivy League Admissions.
Thank you, Bostonian. I would shudder to think that any forum member would choose to utilize my post as a jumping-off point to divert the thread. I related a potential example of grade inflation at an elite international powerhouse without mentioning any person's name, party, or ideological views.

As just one of 4 points made in the post, I remained on topic: The OP anticipated quite wide ranging discussion, and recent posts have addressed whether some students who gained entrance to elite colleges may ultimately be weeded out by rigorous curriculum and find themselves unable to graduate.

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there may be a noticeable trend toward "grade inflation"

This economist argues that grade inflation probably doesn't exist and backs his argument up with some research, and is not afraid to mention research that disagrees with that hypothesis.

Is grade inflation a real problem?
If no one objects, I will mention this post on an old thread about grade inflation... possibly conversation could continue there, or on a new thread, to avoid veering off-topic on this thread. smile