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They could simply have much tougher academic tests to really see who really are the academically stronger students. The universities surely know this, so it's curious that they choose not to have more revealing rigorous testing.

Looking at http://www.collegeboard.com/prod_do...0W_PercentileRanksGenderEthnicGroups.pdf , a 750 on the SAT Math is the following percentile for various groups:

Asians 92
Whites 98
Latinos(not Mexican or Puerto Rican) 99
Mexican-Americans 99+
Blacks 99+

A higher-ceiling math SAT would disproportionately benefit Asians, since they are more likely to be hitting the current ceiling, and it would not help blacks or Mexican-Americans, for whom it is already a high-ceiling test. This is not what elite universities want. Furthermore, to identify math stars, they look at results on the AMC/Math Olympiad and participation in summer camps such as Ross.