From what I've heard, MIT Splash is very stringent with the age requirement/grade level. I've heard that will NOT accept any un/homeschoolers who are younger and doing 7/8th or 9/12th grade regardless.

From a parental perspective, it's very annoying and frustrating to have a pg/2e child who is denied from these programs (and others) based on age.

Locally, MIT also has workshops for kids - Again, they're very stringent with ages and grades. A couple of years ago, I was told that they want to see "physical years on the planet" and not how many grades ahead they may be.

This brings me back to Eugenie. I've yet to see many other prodigies who are doing their ba/bs or ma/ms online. I could be wrong, but am I correct -
that 1) most wait until their a bit older to enroll in such a program;
2) enroll in a physical brick-and-mortar setting;
3) there's only a handful of schools who will actually accept kids under age 14 as it is.

I keep getting a lot of closed doors in my face with my pg/2e son and we're in MA! The fact that Harvard Extension actually accepted Eugenie into a master's program was a bright light. Notice, too, that she looked to the UK for the PhD and ultimately enrolled in a program at Leicester U. Yahoo, I say.