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Jon, you can do that if you want to... but they will not adjust their financial aid based on what you WANT to pay. There are plenty of kids on the waitlist who will take the spot if you don't pay. ... It isn't worth it to say "My kid got into...." if you know you can't pay the bill.

That's not the point of the exercise.

You show your child that you are the one who is trying to dictate the terms, not the university.

They could make it free, but they choose not to make it free. So, your demand is not fundamentally irrational. It is within *their power* to act, but it is *their choice* not to.

They are then free to decline your demand. But it was your demand, not theirs.

This is a very useful tool to develop in terms of negotiation because creating a frame that defines the transaction is particularly useful in life.

It's a learning exercise.