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I don't know if this has been commented on up thread, but some local g/t kids are taking courses at Harvard Extension around age 14/15. Also, it looks like kids outside of the Boston area are potentially able to enroll in courses, or even in a MA program, at Harvard Extension online.

Eugenie de Silva completed a MA through Harvard Extension online (http://eugeniedesilva.com/eugenie-carys-de-silva). I don't know how common that method, but notice Eugenie is enrolled now in a PhD program through Leicester U (UK) online too.

Yes, Harvard Extension isn't Harvard. That's a given. However, it might provide some challenge that so many of us are searching for with our kids and be doable for some needing a more non-traditional path. From what I've heard, many of the faculty at Harvard or nearby colleges/universities teach at Harvard Extension and it's a small pittance of the tuition too.
While I do know people who have said that Harvard Extension is quite a good way to go. And more than a few that have taken classes from them. I really doubt that many of their classes are taught by Harvard full faculty. Most extension classes at our local university are taught by adjunts, lectures and graduate students, and only occasionally faculty but usually younger who are looking for extra money. I have taken classes through it, on & off and I never had a class from a tenure professor. Full faculty usually have their hands full teaching their classes and getting their research done.

And yes.. someone posted a while back about a Thanksgiving program for high school kids at MIT. (fairly sure it was MIT not Harvard.) I don't have a link close to hand, but I think they have programs at other times of the year as well. Looked really interesting and in high demand. I gave it a good look. But I wasn't going to pay to fly my kid cross-country to attend them. I do have Boston relatives and my older daughter is in university in the Boston area, so it's not as crazy an idea as it initially seems.

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