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I think you should be allowed to submit grades *or* test scores. I'm a homeschooler, but both of my kids have taken classes at public and private high schools as well as the local community college and a selective four year engineering school. It never ceases to astound me how teacher dependent grades are. For example, there are certain teachers that seem to have no clue that if you give lots of 5 point assignments and then take a point off for every minor thing, the student gets into the F category awfully fast.
On a report card, you typically see for each class a percentage grade and the associated letter grade. I think the median, mean, and standard deviation of percentage grades of all students in the class should also be shown, so that someone reading the transcript can adjust for easy or difficult grading. Ideally, statistics on associated test scores for a class would also be shown. If the average grade in an AP US history class is an 85 but the average APUSH exam score is 4.5, that teacher is grading more harshly than in a class where the average grade is 90 and average exam score is 3.0.