Interesting article-- lots about the big endowment colleges and about the increasing pressure on those in the UMC w/r/t college costs.

What private colleges consider "need" varies wildly, by the way. At Reed and Stanford, we are considered eligible for "need-based" aid.

At many institutions, not at all.

Interesting report on the financials of college attendance from Sallie Mae:

The most startling thing about that report is that so FEW parents and students consider cost when applying. I mean, the media reports are treating 67% of families that reported that the eliminated some colleges on the basis of cost as a HIGH value. I'm surprised it's that LOW, honestly.

I can't even begin to understand that frame of reference that says "money isn't a consideration." :shock:

This is a reasonably coherent compression of that report:

The Dark Side of College in One Chart

... and another issue which is related to it:
Loan interest rates not the only problem

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