But what is the way that you think things should be, Val? That there should be less minorities because their scores are lower? I accept that if legacies have lower scores they should not get in, but in my experience, it is a matter of students of equal academic merit, the legacy gets in. I have known alumni parents that paid millions in donations and their kid did not get in because the scores were not good enough. There has been a lot of info due to the lawsuit against Harvard. There are legacies, but also children of professors, dean's list -- like a Natalie Portman, famous people they let in. But there are no really low scores, except when I went through college confidential, the lowest scores came from african americans who were first time college in the family. These were kids coming from unpriveleged backgrounds that were showing initiative in some areas in their lives and Harvard was giving them a shot. I think that is a good thing for the student body.