Did anyone see the stats on ED? Harvard had almost double the applications. And went down from about 950 in 2018, to 850 in 2019 to 750. So from 2019 to 2020 14% to 7%, approx. I don't have it in front of me. Also, from over 10,000 over 8,000 got deferred, so they were Harvard material, just not in the top 7%. And less than 1000 were rejected. So less than 10% were not Harvard material. Those are quite overwhelming. Now 350 got admitted in 2019 and deferred due to covid or whatever, so they took less in. And if they used an athletic spot in 2019 and deferred, the coach could not use that athletic spot in 2020. I could not get a breakdown between legacy/athletic etc. First time college kids were up a few percentage points. So if you are from middle class and up, great student, but no major hooks (like starting a world wide movement in girls education) in your ECs, then you are in the group of 8,000+. Can you imagine? 8,000 that are Harvard material and deferred? And think of the students applying to Stanford, MIT, Yale, Princeton. Very tough out there.

Maybe next year more students will apply to Yale or Columbia instead. It was like Harvard was the favorite flavor and no one thought strategically.

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