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You make a basic assumption that the "brand name schools" are all overpriced. But if you have been reading HK's posts, you can also see the dilemma -- if you do want your kid to attend a school with a reasonable sized pool of their intellectual peers where the classroom challenges match their abilities, many of those schools are the "brand names" -- or charging the same prices as the "brand names". It is hard to find that fit with a lower priced school.

HK's kid is on a whole other level from my kid. I'm confident that my DD could find a large-enough cohort of her intellectual peers at any reasonably-sized public university.

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I stick with my original advice -- start plugging money into a 529 now. You will be very happy that you did when the time comes.

The money I would have paid into a 529 is getting sucked up by increasing costs of living... medical expenses, gas and grocery prices, etc.

I suppose I could always not eat...