I think this summer will be different, in that most of the things DD has looked at have thought ahead and included plans for remote work... some of the applications include an area where you have to indicate your willingness to stay in the program if it indeed becomes all remote. But they have had a year to prepare, and so have the students. My DDs research experience with remote research stuff has been relatively good, all things considered. She is missing out on certain things for sure, but has been able to learn and grow in other, unexpected ways. And at least right now, and for the near future, that has been better than she (and we) expected.
If I were making college decisions right now, I would try and get a good sense of how well the college adapted, how flexible have they been, how accommodating to their studentsí needs? (Obviously balancing that with the faculty needs, community needs, all the support staff...). My two kidsí experiences have been pretty different- both ok, but quite different in approach, communication, etc.

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