About that "gap" thing again-- UW, for example, estimates our EFC at 32K annually, give or take. Because we are OOS, the tuition and fees (2013) are ~47K.

Okay, so that 15K gap?

LOANS. Mostly unsubsidized, and 9K annually are parent loans, not "student" loans.

So, Reed College--

Estimates our EFC at 34K (using the same data that UW used), and DD's "self-help" contribution at 5K annually.

They'd offer us a 10K "Reed Grant" (unclear whether this is need based or something else-- presumably "need-based" of some sort).

The rest? (Meaning that pesky remaining 3.6K gap)

Loans again.

(This is a relatively low loan-rate for institutions like Reed, too.)

Interestingly, UW touts people like us as having "100% of need met" and Reed wouldn't, based on that calculation, because of the gap.

On the other hand, because Reed didn't tell us to go get loans, they can say that their aid packages don't include loans in cases like ours.

It's a huge shell game-- that is what I'm pointing out.

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.