WHEW-- after that, I can almost hear the strains of Led Zeppelin in my mind. Or maybe it was Pink Floyd. grin

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Too many parents and students are asking the wrong question ("How do I get my kid into an Ivy?"

The question I am asking myself is how do I convince my DD not to even consider the Ivy option. If less than 10% of entrants are selected based academics this isn't going to be a place where she will flower.

PG kiddos are pretty smart.

Mine figured out the same thing that intparent's DD did-- that the Ivy league was not for her anyway. So she knew better than to bother by the time application time rolled around. She was interested in large research institutions that provided a smaller instructional environment, and small highly selective STEM schools that supported cross-disciplinary learning.

HMC and MIT were on her short list, too. smile She chose based on a host of factors, only some of which were GT related. Free-- free is good, especially at the undergraduate level.

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