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Hmmm. The things I learned from waiting tables have stuck with me ever since. It was invaluable experience. Seriously.

Well, I reaffirmed what I already knew about myself, namely that any activities involving physical coordination and balance are not my strong suit.

However, I already knew that from years of playing sports.

Yes, I knew this as well, Jon. smirk

Self-discovery is highly overrated, I must say, since mine seemed to come with ample amounts of self-loathing and humiliation.

I will also say that working such jobs during my teens taught me that I never wanted to work at a job where my boss felt actively threatened by my educational attainment or intellect. NEVER.

College, on the other hand, taught me that academia was a much friendlier environment in which to be very intellectually capable. So I spent the next fourteen years there. LOL!

Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar. And doesn't.