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Just adding a link to a different on Allen Yuan:


My favorite bits:

" Before kindergarten, I wasn't particularly bright; the one thing that fascinated me most was the vacuum cleaner."

"I did not do too well at the competition, but I was inspired by the people in the countdown round -- I marveled at their speed and wanted to be like them, so I began to study for MATHCOUNTS and eventually was able to get 2nd written at the national competition."

"As for physics, I took my first introductory physics class in 9th grade. While I didn't really obtain a very solid understanding of physics, I became interested in the subject (after doing quite terribly on the first round of the USAPHO that year)."

You can't help but cheer for a boy like this.


And it also shows that while the 'magic ingredient' might be innate intelligence; curiosity, drive and self discipline are substantial factors also.

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