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...how these elites encourage kids with no chance to apply, is rather frustrating...
Relying on my memory because I cannot find the study at the moment... a few years ago some research indicated that students who applied to Ivies as their "reach" schools fared better overall in the admissions game than those who did not. This, I believe, was attributed to an extra boost in their self-confidence from imagining themselves at an elite college, which in turn generated a bit more personal enthusiasm, and then resulted in them putting a tad more effort into their applications/essays/interviews. They worked harder, they went all out.

Unfortunately, like many research findings, this became reduced to a sound bite. Nuance lost, is value lost.

As many high school counselors began encouraging "all" students to apply to Ivy League schools... eventually the helpful changes in many student's internal thought process did not occur. Applying to the Ivies was just one more box to tick off.

If anyone recalls this study differently, or finds links to the study, please post. smile