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She was in an "elite" science program at amnh. I had ask a billionaire on the board to get her in. ... It is just the experiences you are willing to put energy into and pay for. That is how I view elite schools.

Well, I guess thatís a big part of the problem: elite schools are most accessible to those with connections to billionaires or who are extremely wealthy themselves.

How different is getting a favor from an extremely wealthy person from bribing the crew coach? IMO, itís only a matter of degree.

I think itís great that you take your daughter to see new places and give her enriching experiences. I donít think itís great that you used a connection to get her admitted to a school. When someone did you a favor to admit your daughter, some other child was denied admission. The child may have been more qualified than yours. This is just, well, wrong.

As Iíve said before, I think that purely merit-based admissions are the only way out of our education mess. But they have to be accompanied by improved schools for everyone. While I do think itís wonderful for children of wealthy parents to have enriching experiences, I do think that less fortunate kids should also have opportunities, which are denied them under the current system.