Kid in DD's school got accepted at Harvard and apparently a few other top. Not that he isn't smart, but it was a surprising moment. And the rumor is that they got a consultant. But I looked at his linkedin page. Said he did a research project at Stanford for the first 8 months of 2018 (we are in toronto), and also did a research project at U of t on the impact of the new Nafta during the same period. Started a company to design business cards (though no website) said he started and is president of a business club (since I am on the parent funding group) which is basically he tried to start an investment club and asked us for 5K since they wanted to learn to trade with real money. I said no. So there is no business club. He is a strong debater but we have had stronger ones in the past couple years and they got waitlisted at top schools, since debate does not seem to be enough, even if you are on the national team. I question the veracity of those research projects and I wonder how much do they check when they have 50,000 applications to get through.