Thanks Bostonian. I know my grandfather would be livid and turning in his grave if he read it but then he use to quahog (clam digging to those outside the MA/RI area) before the Depression to help pay for his tuition at Brown. And he used to take the bus to attend classes at Brown too. We used to joke with him that he'd had to own a whole fleet of seafood companies to pay for Brown before he died, now nearly ten yrs ago.

Since grade inflation is rampant and pervasive today, then why, oh why, are these colleges and universities so hostile and opposed to enrolling those under age 14-16? Perhaps those under 14-16 would make those who need their grades inflated look bad? Why, really why, wouldn't you let younger kids in who are more than capable of performing without the grade inflation? Maybe I'm missing something?

I think the key here is on performance. Brown has even admitted that "grades have lost meaning." Well, change the system then. It's no longer a motivation factor for real learning - which un/homeschoolers already know. Duh.