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I'll add a couple of questions. Do you do anything about this (i.e. try to build an "EC resume") or do you just ignore the whole thing and see where your kid gets accepted? (And be happy not to go to a place that rejects your kid for the wrong reasons.)

Also, can anyone explicitly name which universities put weight on ECs at the expense of academics?

I believe that it is pretty much always AND, not "instead of."

It's just that with grade inflation being what it is, and with AP coursework not being what it used to...

well, there isn't so much to indicate which kids are the authentic article and are likely to succeed at a genuinely rigorous/prestigious institution.

Okay-- that's the official line, anyway.

Cynical me says that extracurriculars requiring ANY of:

passport, numerous vaccinations, special riding clothes, equipment which can only be purchased at auction and for a lot of money,

and most critically-- heaps of cash--

probably also signify to admissions committees that they are looking at the vitae of future alumni who will donate even larger heaps of cash eventually.

I second College Confidential-- just be aware that everyone there has very definitely been drinking the Kool-Aid, and quite a few of them have been drinking doubles or triples, neat.


But it will give you a sense of the sheer extent of the frenzy, anyway.

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