What is the optimal college atmosphere? Total intellectual focus? Are clubs, sports, community an issue?

Operationally, the question becomes how do you manage an institution, dealing with funding, staffing, curriculum, housing, social institutions?

Peer group? What kind of peer group? Do you care if it is ethnically balanced? What does ethnically balanced mean to you?

The Lampoon has produced some of the top comedy writers, like Colin Jost who was president of the Lampoon at Harvard. But like Michael Che says, he didn't go to college and has the same job, so does it matter if Harvard has the Lampoon? Has football, that is quite crappy for college football. Should it go away so more Asian kids can be admitted, since they, as a group, have higher scores. DD's HS, which has 2 stages of testing to get in, is 80% chinese. Chinese, there are other asians. In Canada. That is who gets in. And a large group apply to the US for school and they get in to all the top schools. Now Chinese ethnically, as some of the parents are even Canadian born. But that was the point of the lawsuit. What do you want the college to be like? In all respects.