So I skimmed all of this thread and literally feel nauseous. I have a question for y'all. I have a 7th grader who is twice exceptional. I suppose he will be doing this college thing soon. We are very comfortable but by no means rich. College expenses will be a burden. My son is "gifted " and currently in honors classes but I would not say he's 'on fire' like some of the kiddos here or that we even see among his peers. He makes "A"s and "A-"s He plays one sport - ice hockey and that is for fun, though he does play for two teams. He is not a superstar athelte and is not looking to get in anywhere based on athletics. I doubt he will do much beyond school and ice hockey (maybe some volunteer just because *I* think it's important to give back) due to the fact that he has EDS and fatigues easily and does get sick quite a lot especially if he gets less than 9 hours of sleep consistently. So he can not do tons of extra-curriculars and nor do I want him to. Even if he could get into an Ivy league we could never afford it and I can't imagine he'd get any scholarship money - I am certainly not counting on it (and I am not interested in him being saddled with colossal student loans like I was). I am not status-seeking bragger. As far as I am concerned my kid can go anywhere as long as the education is decent and he is happy. Will he be okay? I mean just regular old local state schools and universities still take regular kids, right? I am thinking like University of Delaware, Temple, Penn State, etc. And with all that as background should we be doing something now? Sorry if this is way off-topic - it is kind of the opposite of the stated original post/question.

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