I was curious how MIT works.
Ethnically, MIT is 36& Asian, 6.2 AA, 14% Hispanic, 33% white and rest international.

But I wondered if they really do recruit for athletes, although they state they do not send out likely letters. But...

MIT First requires that each and every student can attend MIT, survive freshman year, do well in a major and be able to graduate in a timely fashion. Each and every one, no matter what your extracurricular activities are.

MIT has stated that Over 50% of the applicants can do that………. Yet, MIT now only admits 7.5% of the overall applicant pool.

So how does MIT Pick that One out of Seven that could do the work, and obviously have an excellent high school academic record?

They take a Holistic view of your application and look Long and Hard at you as a complete person, and therefore not only how you would fit with the undergraduate community but also what you would contribute to that community outside of the classroom.

In one case that I am aware of, when MIT’s admission rate was 8%, 25% of the athletes that were “flagged” by a head coach were admitted. NOTE: Those coaches know MIT and will Not flag an applicant that they believe can Not make the academic “requirements”. Of those 25% who were admitted, some came to MIT and were very good students and superb team players.