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This has been increasingly true for at least 20 years in the Ivies themselves. I know someone who was personally told-- in a STEM field, no less-- to "look again" at a midterm that had been graded and earned a failing grade. The student was the child of a VERY prominent Federal official who shall remain nameless (but whose name everyone would instantly know). The graduate student was gently reminded whose child this person was, and again told to "Check it over again. It's okay-- we all make errors in grading, I'm sure.

This is just evidence that magical thinking does work.

Yes, but only if you happen to be named Tiger von Preeiminence. grin Still, it's an important consideration. Pretty sure that's its own category, not mentioned in the article.

R-PITA-- a person whose parent(s) have the power to make themselves either friendly or hostile to the institution via regulatory oversight at the local, state, or federal level.

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