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It's not about "getting in" for anyone posting here, I suspect. It's about getting in so that you can extract a good education from that setting at a cost that seems worth it.

I agree, and the gulf seems to be between the following camps:

1) This is the only educational option that works for our kids, so no price is too high.

2) The [rent] is too damned high.

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Some kids respond very well to push-parenting (done in moderation, mind). My DD is one of them. Now, our version of "push" parenting is "No, this was your idea, you signed up for it, we paid for it, and you're going to follow through on the commitment."

That's not pushing, that's just parenting. If the goal is to raise self-sustaining individuals that function well in society, then the ability to follow through on obligations is a critical one.

Other parents act differently, because apparently they have another goal in mind.