On another note, I had a free online consultation with an college admission strategist.

"any number of kids in the bay area have that profile" any number, and just in the bay area.

She was a semifinalist in Technovation Girls where you build an app, write the business plan, pitch. "Can you show 1000 sign ups, cross border?" No, because we have a pandemic and small businesses are going out of business. (it was an app on a small business problem)

I would like to know how others are getting research with profs and other stuff when we have stay at home orders? DD's marine science programs were all cancelled last summer, they seem to be opening up but now we have S African variant and vaccine may not work. How are you suppose to fill out the CV? She did go after 9th grade for 2 weeks, but that is nothing now.

A white kid doing a self study on AP chinese in 10th grade not good enough. She will have 12 APs when done, Chinese and 1st comp sci last year, 5 more this year, 5 next. That seems to be standard.

Are we building super humans?