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Sorry for the shock, Aquinas. But yes, "marry well" is a thing. Networking connections are very much a thing and is economically based to a surprising extent. So many jobs and experiences are based on who you know. People in our area pay big money to private schools and actively work the future networking opportunities for their children as a huge bonus.

It happens everywhere. Doesn't make it less distasteful or mercenary. (And in no way am I suggesting that's the approach you're taking, Portia. We've corresponded at length, and I have tremendous respect for how you're raising your DS.)

Maybe I'm just showing my own fatigue at being hit up for handouts by useless social climbers. You can practically see the dollar signs in their eyes as they shake your hand. Ugh.

There's also the implied misogyny in the idea that offends, because it suggests that women's highest value is still...landing a man.

What is to give light must endure burning.