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Also, you can be pro-social without being an extrovert or a leader. Lots of gifted people are introverts. This is really important to remember. (Note: both of my kids are extroverts)

Just so-- it's that some EC's are being used as proxies for desirable qualities, and those may be imperfect correlations to begin with, and even so, have gradually eroded so as to be even LESS useful as proxies given the current sucking chest wound in the process (hat tip to Val). Gaming those things has, over time, devalued them significantly as indicators.

It may be quite difficult to tease apart which kids are genuinely introverts who tend to lead from within/behind (as my DD also tends to do, btw), versus those students who are resume padding box-checkers who aren't taking on leadership roles which would eat up too much time (time to be spent on other boxes, of course!).

Type "b" students are always going to be rare. The problem here is that there are ways to resemble the type "a" ones without actually being that. Then there isn't a great way to tell the authentic ones from the ones being groomed like crazy to look like them.

So yeah-- harder tests solves that part of things.

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