Yes. Sorry, sometimes I forget and create confusion. To be fair, they apply to two different schools but both are part of the HYPSM group. Aside from high intellectual ability (both DYS but only DS SET), they have completely different profiles. It's also early days because we are still awaiting decisions from the RD schools. I will say this, DD is a talented writer and editor (many awards) and the essays are an
important way to stand out from the crowd. I am not sure about unique, but DD has accomplishments/recognition in both STEM and humanities as she is trying to combine them in her college and future career path. Overall, DD is artistic and even her resume/CV was a thing of beauty (graphic design wise) and she really knows how to promote herself. DS, on the other hand, put in maybe one-fourth of her effort (and last minite) into his EA college app and I realized after reviewing it neglected to mention some awards/achievements because they were lesser than the ones he included or he just forgot because they weren't important to him.