I think that was the point of the lawsuit. You get less whites, but more Asians. You have a greater population of Asians, taking into all the ones applying from Asia. So you should get a higher population of Asian applying with high scores. But if you apply the policy to whites, you would get less African Americans. Just using scores. Hence, do you just apply the policy to whites? Do you have less extracurriculars because of this? I have gone through college confidential and there are a large number of African American first time college with low scores compared to the rest of admittance. So you if you just go by scores. African Americans would suffer the most on admittance. Not whites. Even if my kid got in because of legacy or sailing, her scores have to be in the top tier. I know legacy kids in the last few years that did not get in because scores were not good. Even when the parents donated a few million. Now if the donation was 150 mil, maybe, but very few can do that.