To me, that study reflect Terman study and also the long term study of Hunter students. You get 60 kids that get into Hunter elementary, then another 200 get in by 7th grade. The long term results showed that the kids that got in 7th grade had better success outcomes, like outstanding kind of outcomes. Like Terman kids, they were all very bright and did well, but the kids he rejected were the ones that got the Nobel prizes, kind of thing. But you are talking about equal IQs. So in the case where SAT scores being equal, but a kid gets rejected by Yale, it might be the kick in his pants to get his drive in gear and prove he is just as good. While kids that generally get into th elites, get the kick earlier and have the drive to create options for themselves, or take advantage of opportunities. The kids that got into Hunter elementary were high IQ but sort of had an entitlement attitude and didn't have drive. I met the woman who did the study, she actually had gone to Hunter and was rather surprised by the results.